Medical Translations

I began to work on medical translation projects in 2007 when prof. Józef Kałużny invited me to translate Polish Ophthalmology Society Summit in 2007.It was a big challenge for a young translator but I found ophthalmology fascinating and well worth the work I had to do.

The organizers appreciated my work and soon I was invited to translate workshops on contact lens fitting, keratoconus, vision therapy, clinical cases in ophthalmology, clinical optometry, glaucoma and many others. Apart from that I also translated medical equipment user manuals, clinical trial protocols and medical documentation for different organizations. So far I have translated several thousand pages of medical documentations and other specialist texts and the show goes on...


  • 42 Polish Ophthalmology Congress, June 2007
  • 43 Polish Ophthalmology Congress, June 2010
  • Silicone-hydrogel CL training session, organized by Aqualens Clinic, Warsaw
  • Lecture and workshop on fitting contact lens for keratoconus patients, organized by Aqualens Clinic, Warsaw
  • Clinical Optometry Master’s Program organized by Salus University, Pennsylvania and Okomedica, Warsaw
  • A series of trainings organized by the Polish Association of Optometry and Optics: “Vision Therapy” Nov 2009
  • "Clinical Case Network in Ophthalmology", Nov 2009
  • Steen Aalberg’s lectures on vision impairments in brain damage patients, May 2010

Medical Equipment

  • Time Planner (Varian)- visit scheduling software for medical facilities
  • IPlan ENT (BrainLab) – medical software
  • Kolibri Spine (BrainLab) – computer guided surgery system
  • Lightbox (BrainLab)- navigation and imaging system
  • VectorVision (BrainLab) – Computed Tomography
  • Maglife C Plus (Schiller) – MR life monitoring system
  • Ergo Spiro (Schiller) – respiratory system testing
  • Cardiovit CS-200 (Schiller) – diagnostic unit
  • Argus Core (Varian) – Radiation therapy software
  • Sophie Classic (Planmed) – mammography unit
  • Pantos 16 XP (Bluex) – X-ray device
  • Progeny – X-ray device
  • eucaLine (Eucatech) - catheter
  • P102 (WORLD OF MEDICINE AG) – laparoscopy pump
  • Hermes (Stryker)—insufflation pump
  • Biosteon (Biocomposites) - implant
  • OmniPro-InViDos (IBA) – dosimetry system
  • PDU 400 (Heartsine) - defibrillator
  • PAD 500p (Heartsine) - defibrillator
  • CHISON 8300 (Chison) – digital ultrasound system

Medical Documents (cardiology, discharge reports, test results, cclinical trials, etc.)

  • I Cardiac surgery Clinic in Warsaw
  • II Cardiac surgery Clinic in Warsaw
  • Cardiac Surgery Clinic in Wrocław
  • Clinic of Cardiac and Vessel Surgery, Kraków
  • Cardiac surgery Clinic, Medical University in Łódź
  • Silesian Heart Disease Center, Zabrze
  • Pomeranian Medical Academy Cardiac Surgery Clinic, Szczecin
  • 4th Military Hospital in Wrocław
  • Medical Center in Kraków
  • University Hospital in Kraków
  • Pulmonology and Tuberculosis Center in Otwock
  • Regional Specialized Hospital in Kielce
  • Independent Clinical Hospital No 1 in Wrocław
  • Independent Public Hospital No 2 in Szczecin
  • University Hospital No 1 in Bydgoszcz
  • Specialist Hospital in Gorlice
  • Specialist Hospital in Nowy Targ



Previous Clients

  • SITA Poland
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland
  • Siemens AG
  • Polish-British Chamber of Commerce
  • Warsaw City Hall
  • Polish Ministry of Regional Development
  • Polish ministry of Economy
  • Polish Ministry of Environment
  • Police Academy in Szczytno
  • Agricultural University in Warsaw
  • University in Poznań
  • Higher Banking School in Wrocław
  • Polish Ophthalmology Society
  • Polish Society of Optometry and Optics
  • Orion Pharma
  • Cooper Vision
  • Novartis
  • Aqua Lens/Menicon
  • Okomedica/Salus University
  • Polish Society of Neonatology
  • Central Pharmaceutical Inspectorate
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